about LIAR


Who is LIAR?

Liar started as a fashion brand focusing on creating effortless, minimal and affordable swimwear styles made in a sustainable way from the best ethical fabrics.

Our drive has always been about educating people about the negative side of the fast fashion industry and we want to continue to change how ethical fashion is perceived and promote the best people out there doing the most amazing work for the world and our future.

We have never been driven by our profits, but instead want to change the damaging effects of mass consumption and the wasteful, toxic materials happening to our beautiful planet and encourage and inspire people to buy better, think about what they are buying and therefore choose wisely.

We believe the kids, teens and millennial's of 2018 are the ones that will actually make a positive and lasting change to the world for the better in the decades, so with Liar the Label this was a way to create a sustainable wardrobe for them and in turn teach them about what they are buying.       


Between 2013-2017, we designed ethical accessories, swimwear, activewear and bralette's that have multi uses in one, creating minimal, timeless, effortless styles.

Our ideas are really just going back to basics, where you buy a jacket or bikini and this lasts you for many years rather than seasonally.

The recycled swimwear fabrics we used are sourced from an Italian yarn company called Econyl, who regenerate plastic bottles and fishing nets into a truly amazing bi-stretch, sun-safe, durable fabric that lasts a lifetime.

We encourage people to recycle their clothing so the fabric waste gets reused and turned into something new instead of going to landfill to decay over several long decades.    

We manufacture our styles on the Gold Coast / Byron Bay area in Australia so we can keep production going in our local area.

I am sure with all ethical brands, there is a constant battle between creating new styles vs the waste that is produced; I love designing but creating new fashion pieces in turn creates waste for our planet even if these styles are being recycled - which is not good!

This is kinda why we are taking a fashion sabbatical from 2018 onward; we are turning our love and curiosity about ethical fashion into a blog, we will be writing and talking about our minimalist, sustainable lifestyle, what we buy, how we reuse and want to share with you the amazing muses and ethical brands out there doing amazing things.    

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Why are you called Liar?

The number of times we have been met with confused faces and been asked, ‘…… But you are ethical, why are you called LIAR?’

Most people seem a bit suss about the negative connotations that come from the word LIAR; but amazingly some totally get what we are about straight away without any explanation.

This one question that comes up allows us to speak opening about ethical fashion, why Liar actually started and what our views are of the fashion industry.

‘We are being ironic, calling out the fast fashion industry for being hugely unsustainable, destroying the environment and the lives of people who work in the industry, with their priority being their profit margin above all else’ – I usually say when this question comes up.

Fashion is an industry that hides the truth and reality of manufacturing behind glossy campaign shots.

So for LIAR to have a controversial name is a daring, and one I have questioned on many occasions as right or wrong, but in the end it is a powerful statement.

Liar is completely transparent and I have always been more than happy to answer questions about what we are doing and how we are growing.


I get pretty riled up about fast, cheap fashion being made in overseas; can you image a dress or shirt being bought at cost price for less than a cup of coffee? That's unreal!

A lot of people still choose to buy clothing from stores such as Kmart, Target and Primark and I assume therefore ignore the back story to how a basket full of clothing from one of these store can cost $120. 

I'm not saying to go out and buy designer clothing like Burberry or Chanel to be ethical, because yikes, I for one cannot afford that; but it is about buying what you need, making sure it is something you will use forever and that the quality and sustainability is there to ensure it does last forever.  

The world is not disposable, once we completely wreck it – then sorry that’s it - gone!  This statement is what keeps me asking questions, makes me continue on my ethical routine and shop better and less wasteful and what drives a positive change on LIAR.

If you ever meet us, make sure you come for a chat and send an email– we would love to know where you stand and what your views are, plus I love a good chat!

We are constantly learning and wanting to know what you want so please tell us what is going on – email nisha@liarthelabel.com.au!

Are we way out of our depth and Ethical Fashion is never going to change or does it have to change sooner rather than later?


Are you doing amazing things? Then we need to know about you!  

To be featured, email Nisha Abey at nisha@liarthelabel.com.au to discuss what we can do for you.