LIAR Eco Diary

Introducing the Liar Eco Diary. 

Hey! I'm Nisha Abey, the creator of Eco Swimwear brand, Liar the Label

If you've ever met me at any East Coast Markets selling my wares or if we have collaborated in anyway; you will know my great love for style, beauty, design and also shifting how we think about and purchase eco fashion. 

I appreciate the beauty in fabric and textile design and sourcing, embroidery, embellishment and print artwork. 

I love seeing clever designers and innovators pushing boundaries in shape, style, cuts and collections. 

I also believe the real power and inspiration comes when those new designs, innovations and labels are made using sustainable practise, ethical fabrics and with environmental initiatives.

The fashion industry is one of the biggest pollutants in the world and we need to change this.

It's so important. 

The LIAR Eco Diary will be sharing the best brands, businesses, influencers, innovations and give you up to date knowledge. From fibres, manufacturing to end product. 

Nisha - xoxo 

P.S. Get in touch if you have a niggly question and we'll research and answer it! It might even end up on the blog!