LIAR the Label donates to Save the Sea Turtle!


We hope everyone is enjoying their Holidays, it's the season of giving and being merry and we are so happy to finally announce our first contribution to Kosgoda Marine Turtle conservation in Sri Lanka!

Since launching the brand in 2014, then named "Liar and a Thief", we have been holding back 10% profits of all sales from our Exoskeleton collection. This was our first ever collection, the print designs were inspired by the turtle shells and we created unique prints to be placed on our beach bags, totes, bikinis, pants and tops. All your purchases have helped us achieve our first goal for Liar the Label, to give back and help sea turtle conservation in Sri Lanka.

Before we started Liar the label, we wanted to somehow create a "greener" lifestyle for ourselves as well as create garments in a more sustainable way. With little/no money our first collection Exoskeleton was made from our own savings and family contributions to help us make a first range or top quality, authentic products. Back then we hadn't made a foot hole in being 100% sustainable and we decided to make sure our first range was made from organic cottons, and high quality fabrics with products made in ethical factories. The profits from our first range have gone into making a more sustainable way of working as well as donating back to our friend Santha and his family of Turtles in Sri Lanka who helped inspire our first collection to start something that we never thought we could do.

3 years on we are now a pioneering start up brand making a difference in the fashion industry by working more ethically and sustainably. We have evolved our first collection by making bikinis from recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets! and all the bikinis are hand-made locally here in Australia! Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far and everyone who has loved our story and supports what we do buy purchasing a Liar bikini.


About Kosgoda Marine Turtle Conservation...

Located in Kosgoda, Sri Lanka, Santha Fernando runs a small turtle sanctuary. He looks after a few turtle nursery tanks and re-habilitates injured sea turtles to release back into the ocean. Many of the turtles have been injured through plastic waste and fishing nets and many of the eggs are rescued from poachers and fisherman. The Sanctuary relies on locals and tourists who help contribute to running the sanctuary, Santha also welcomes volunteers to come and stay and help out and learn more. There are a few Turtle sanctuaries on the island and some more well known and more educated practitioners who cater for Turtle conservation do well have lots of support already, we felt Santha's story and efforts welcome a need for support too. Sometimes the big charities and organisations can overwhelm or become competitive with other ones, we think the conservation effort should be owned by all and not by one major one. Our first donation has gone to supporting this small sanctuary and their efforts in doing the right thing.


How will our donation help?

Santha is looking to recruit 3 clever veterinary doctors who can do further investigation into injured and disabled turtles. He feels as though this is still urgent and important, and currently missing from his practice. Turtles that come into the Sanctuary that need to stay longer are only checked once or twice a month as that is all they can afford to do. Our donation will help the sanctuary make more in depth body check ups and blood sampling to help further diagnose injuries and illness. The majority of the donation will help buy medical equipment and treatments to help the sanctuary continue to run more effectively.

We thank you all again for your support and look forward to a new year of positive opportunities for everyone making a conscious effort to living in a more sustainable way every day!