Designer Spotlight: The Naked Mag

The Naked Mag By Lailta Green

In a similar way to necessity being the mother of invention, it can be said our rather wasteful, trend-hungry culture has prompted a flux of fashion designers with a taste for quality garments stemming from ethical foundations. A winning combination of innovative talent and wide-reaching compassion, this new breed of designer is the dark horse of the fashion world, answering the call for mindfully created merchandise. At a recent fashion festival, I was fortunate to meet a handful of designers pertaining to this ideal.  

One of these designers was Nisha Abey, whose flair for design is matched by her passion and dedication to a more protected environment. Inspired to find out more, I asked if I could write a piece about her story and she cheerfully obliged. 

Hailing from London with a multi-cultural background, Nisha connected with fellow creative and future business partner Alex Wales through their shared love of travel, art, design and the environment while studying in Kent. Bringing complimentary skills to the table - Nisha in Fashion Design, Alex in Illustration and both with years of Fashion Production and Web Design experience, the pair embarked on a project that would provide high quality, ethically made beachwear aimed at adventurous tomboys who - like themselves- care for the environment. 

"We felt it right to start an ethical business. We do not want to be another mass-produced brand that only cares about profit. There is so much change happening in the world and this is having such a negative impact on wildlife and the entire planet for future generation. We are hoping to expose consumers to ethical fashion and all aspects to show how on trend it can be and the fact they need to work towards consuming with care pretty soon. Our generation needs to make the change that will impact the future."  

Their first strike of inspiration followed a visit to Sri Lanka, where they spent time in a Marine Protection Sanctuary in Koscoda. 

"The owner, Santha, ran the Sanctuary with his family and looked after turtles with disabilities and helped protect the habitat where turtles laid their eggs. We were lucky enough to see the newly hatched babies and were able to help release the strongest ones into the ocean. It is pretty upsetting to think a very small minority would actually survive because of bigger animals, fishing nets, poaching and litter preventing (the rest of) them from living longer." 

Since moving to Australia, the pair have been working diligently to make their dream a reality. Their current range focuses on sea turtle conservation - how to protect turtles and other marine sea life by shedding light on the impact littering, poaching and pollution has on all sea life and the ocean. The influence is shown through their turtle-pattern inspired fabrics.  



The pair plan to continue supporting environmental causes with each collection released by donating 10% of their profits to a different charity aligning with each collections theme. 

Keep an eye out for their next range coming out soon – Triangle Island – which focuses on Island Luxe. This capsule of locally constructed bikinis will be made from 100% regenerated polyester with the macramé hand-crafted by Nisha herself.  

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