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''The Coast Studio is an online publication born in a bedroom full of Nirvana records, Kelly Slater posters, and handmade zines. With the aim of delving into the minds of the youth, The Coast Studio hope to promote all that Australia's coastal communities and cities have to offer.

With a strong focus on the coastal aesthetic, The Coast Studio strives to use their online presence to inspire and motivate aspiring artists to continue their pursuit for creativity. This is what fuels the fight, and the figt will not stop''


The Coast Studio recently interviewed Liar Swimwear about our connection with the Ocean.... read it here . . .



Nisha and Alex are the two creatives behind this environmentally conscious Byron based swimwear brand, Liar Swimwear. They're designing ethical fashion that people want to wear, not just because it's ethical. The stunning suits are inspired by nature. They've got the bohemian flair of a wanderer adventuring the land and sea, but with the simplicity and practicality of a tomboy's uniform. This duality is pulled off perfectly. 

First inspired by the sea turtles in Sri Lanka, the designs took on their beautiful shells and 10% of profits from the collection were donated to sea turtle conservation.We asked Nisha some questions about herself and her designs. (You probably would never guess they haven't always been Byron natives).


THE COAST STUDIO: Hey Nisha! I love your brand, the designs are so flattering and I totally see the practicality and ease of wear, but as well as having a bohemian flair. For readers who don't know much about the brand, can you tell us a little about it?

NISHA: Liar and a Thief is an ethical resortwear brand based around Byron Bay. We are designing carefree, easy, laidback chuck on pieces for beachy tomboys. Our collections are inspired by the ocean, wildlife and texture with a slight 70s style. We love the sea and are hugely passionate about raising awareness about the consequences of littering and pollution on the ocean and marine life habitats, climate change, and the dangers ad horrors of poaching and sea creature. 


TCS: What type of girl is the Liar and a Thief girl?

N: She is the beachy boho tomboy; carefree, wild, happy vibes who cares for the ocean she surfs and swims in. She is the life of the party, her attitude to life is positive and new conscious for the future and eager to make a change.


TCS: Where abouts did you grow up, and where are you based now?

N: We are from London/Cornwall - growing up with a mixture of the British beachside and the urban city. Escaping from the cold, we are now living and working on the East Coast in Byron Bay. 


TCS: The whole sustainable and environmentally conscious nature of the brand is such an honourable pursuit. For something that is made to be worn in nature, it makes so much sense to design ethically. Can you tell us a bit about what drives you to chase this, and also the challenges of it?

N: It is hard to expand an ethical brand, there are alot of restrictions (for the good) but this makes it challenging but more expensive. We find that with amount of waste fashion creates, the prices being pushed for profit margins, the negative offshore manufacturing - that the future for all brands is to become ethical in fabric, factories, conservation. However this is so slow and the bigger brands still do not care to put the ethical side to there business first and change their procedures for the better. We have always been passionate about ethical fashion and giving back to the world you are taking from. I do not want to add to the waste and would prefer to push for ethical fashion to become the normal way to design and create new fashion.


TCS: What are your inspirations when designing?

N: We seem to be hugely inspired by travel, nature and elements and try to use these ideas to create simple styles and prints. Our first range was inspired by turtleshells. This second range is broader - inspired living. I take hundreds of photos wherever we are, as I love texture and imperfections. We travel when we can and find this is the best way to be creative - when your mind is happy and free! 


TCS: Do you feel that living at the beach plays a big role in your creativity and lifestyle?

N: Definitely - we are so blessed to be living so close to the sea but do easily take this for granted. It is great getting out for a run or a swim but is so good when you need a break from the screen and just want to sit and listen to the water and waves. When you have no idea what to do next - go and meditate by the sea and new ideas will creep up on you. 


TCS: What are your dreams for the future?

N: We are excited to have the new range being made in Australia and available for this summer. I love the idea of minimizing the carbon footprint and working with people in your local area. 


We are continuously improving everything we are doing, so hope to become more and more ethical in our practices, sourcing and designing. For the near-ish future - I am designing a range of 100% organic cotton tees, made in Australia so hoping to launch these in the next two years as well as delve into mens boardshorts and tees.