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Brook Mckeon is a young, up and coming analog film photographer from Melbourne.

His raw style feels real and natural and has a vintage 90s seaside feel on a secluded beach.

His muse Charli Wookey is carefree and effortlessly beautiful and we are mesmerised by her happy and freeing aura.

His latest campaign, shot in the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne for LIAR featured our Kate Crop Top and Becca Pant and is visually stunning.

We talked to Brook to find out more about his style, his background and what is up next..

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Describe yourself in 3 words?

Frozen pizzas, long drives, late nights. 

Where are you based?


How did you get into photography?

It started as an escape. A daily ritual going to the beach, shooting a sunset or some waves. I liked that stuff cos even though it was usually the same beach I could get a different shot each time. Legit just did that for a couple of years and eventually some magazines and bands asked for photos. With bands it helped already being in the music scene. I’d end up backstage or on the stage or in the studio. Usually fly on the wall stuff. Not that I don’t like front-row-of-the-crowd photos too, just, ya know everyone’s seen that. And lately its been swim and surf labels, which I enjoy and kinda brings it full circle. 

Can you describe what analog photography is to you?

What sucks me in is there's all these different flavours to play with. I’m always mixing up my film to give different looks for different shoots. That’s mainly why I’m into it, but I guess other reasons too, like how its more accurate in the highlights and shadows. And that you can give it grain, or light leaks, or cross processing - whatever - and its all done physically, so it has character. And everything is permanent. No going back. Gotta commit. Its pretty exciting. 

Who are the muses you usually shoot with?

Charli Wookey is my go to. She has a natural way with the camera which suits what I’m going for. Its always good when you don’t have to ask someone to change the way they model. Otherwise I‘ve been working with new faces and that’s good too. 

You just shot a fresh campaign for LIAR, tell me a bit about what inspired the shoot?

I was inspired by LIAR’s aesthetic. Before the shoot I wrote down a few words that described things for me: Pure. Feminine. Natural. Ethical. Clean yet alternative. Part of my aim was for simple backgrounds. After that there wasn’t too much thinking, we just drove over the hill with few rolls of Portra. 

What else do you get up to outside photography?

I help manage social media and collaborations for brands. Otherwise I surf, visit hospital too much, and play music around town. 

Any cool plans for the rest of the year?

More of the same and also some shooting and preparing for a solo exhibition next year at L.A.N.D de KOMMUNE. I’m splitting the room in half. One half will be 'Pt. 1 After The Crowds' which is nostalgic beach stuff on slide film and the other half 'Pt. 2 After The Show' is backstage stuff taken with old black and white film. 

See Brook’s full campaign here featuring the LIAR Kate Bikini Crop Top and LIAR Becca Pant

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