Muse : Rock n Rhyme

We met Rhyme way back in May for our ‘1999’ Street Lookbook shoot in Sydney.

From the get go, we knew we found the right girl, she jumped straight into it with no second thought and nailed it!

We caught up with her after a busy few months traveling and DJ'ing to see what she is up to now;

Hey Beautiful Lady

Thanks for talking to us!

R: Always a pleasure <3

How was the US?

R: US was amazing, already aching to return! I was lucky to see a little more of the country this time visiting friends, music making, lots of photos and general inspiration collecting ;)

Anything you fall in love with?

R: I went to Yosemite Park in California on a two day hiking adventure. RECOMMEND FOR LOVE FALLING.

Any cool spots?

R: Venice Beach in LA is full of new little spots day and night, just walk around and pop your head through doors.  In New York my manager puts on some pretty cool parties focusing more and more on underground vibes, if your there get down to them: ‘House Of Samu Presents’

Any wild stories you can share?

R: Wild West bucking bull FTW.

Any plans for the Summer?

R: Potentially a winter.

Where can our Sydney readers catch you DJ-ing soon?

R: - scroll to the bottom, be there.

Your mixes / tracks are awesome. How would you describe your music style?

R: Ah yeah :)

What inspires your song writing?

R: A lot of nightmares, personal experience, dreams of lights. It’s a very meditative zone.

What tracks are you playing on repeat right now?

R: Twenty One Pilots – Car Radio / The Weeknd - Starboy

We are in love with your style. How would you describe it?

R: Spontaneous.

Who are your style muses and inspo?

R: Constantly evolving… But definitely classics like Bridgette Bardot, Eddie Sedgewick. + Nu artists like FKA Twigs & Sevdaliza.

We need to catch up in Sydney soon!

R: AH YES, Mexican Round 2

What are your top picks for music, venues in Sydney?

R: I’m really into neo downtempo electronic fusion music, Jazz Style Hip hop and such. I recommend Oxford Circus for atmosphere, cocktails and music along these lines.

Otherwise techno bangz live at Motorik Parties.

And Eats?

R: Staple Messina Diet*
Bar Brosé – Tres Bien*

How about the near future for your music, shoots and travels? Anything on the horizon?

R: Writing writing writing, making it happen, working with some super talented people on art. Travels include Japan, US. Horizon is the sunset… Constantly chasing that golden hour.

Any Goss?

R: My super beautiful boyfriend is finishing a film he shot from my recent Asia Tour called FATE. It’s quite entertaining and captures some pretty crazy moments and insights from the Music Tour.  Good times --> (which we will be sharing once we get our hands on it! Check out @mgm.i )

Thanks Girl!

R: Lots of Love


Be sure to catch Rhyme DJ’ing in Sydney, before she takes over the world. Lots of big things destined for the near future we reckon.