'I'll be Here'' Editorial on 7Hues Magazine

'I'll be Here'  - 77 Hues 22 : Fantasy Issue / Volume 2



The newest trendsetters for Style, Beauty and Film in the digital and print magazine world '7Hues' have published a recent collaboration between Byron Bay Photographer Elsa Dillon and some local Byron Bay Designers including our Liar the Label.

We have chatted to Elsa about this beautiful Campaign and how she got in photography ;


Can you tell me a bit about how you got into photography and your background in the fashion industry?

I grew up in Melbourne, at around age 13, I did some work experience in a Mini Lab in film processing (before digital).

I bought my 1st SLR camera and began shooting model friends... all the time.

In the early days, I always had a camera on me, all my education is self taught, trial & error.


With your extensive background, how does this influence your casting choices?

I have been shooting for over 30yrs, experience is now the natural casting process.


Any stand out fave shoots you have photographed?

I love shooting and when the vision for the shoot comes alive in real time, right in front of you {it's} such a high.


Is there a story behind ''I'll be Here,'' What inspired this Shoot?

I guess I’ll always be here... I am here now... sounds deep… but is really basic, simple... styling was really simple on this editorial, {I} love the styling.


Who influences your work?

Meditating & daydreaming. I do this a lot.


Can you give any advise to budding models or photographers who are starting out?

Follow your heart,  not others……xED



Make sure you follow Elsa's journey; alongside her videographer husband Richard Dillon, they have shot worldwide for over 30 years for magazines and advertising (including, VULKAN, HUF, YOKO, Volant, PUMP, Ellements, MOD, The Daifer, 7HUES, LAUD and many more ) and are now residing in Byron Bay enjoying beach and rural life with their 8 children!




'I'll be Here' 

7Hues Magazine

Photography - Elsa Dillon

Model - Malin Altera

Styling - Gemma Dillon

Hair and Make Up - Blooma Beauty

Pieces by Liar the Label, Rowie the Label, Sheana Clothing

Nisha Abey