Project JUST - Rising Star for the Swimwear Seal of Approval 2017

Project Just Rising Star

We are thrilled to have been selected as a Rising Star for the Swimwear Seal of Approval (SOA) by leading Non-Profit Organization Project JUST.

The Project JUST online guide showcases responsible and sustainable fashion brands around the world in one place in order to promote and teach a positive change in shopping habits.

By making careful and thoughtful choices when we shop, they believe that real change can happen. And we 100% agree!

Our mission is very similar to Project JUST, as a small brand, we are trying to change the way everyone shops. By designing on trend, minimalist swimwear (to start) that lasts for a long time, made from the best ethical fabrics we can find and making it locally to save on our carbon footprint.

There is still so much fast fashion circulating our shopping malls and high street, with very little information or ethical brands in the mainstream eye; it is not hard to see why we are still buying fast fashion.

But by changing the image and stigma of Ethical Fashion, hopefully consumers will buy better for a positive future and transform how the fashion industry is run.

By demanding transparency and accountability of every brand, this will happen – I believe it!

Help us change the status quo.’ – Project JUST

With a list of 117 nominations for The Rising Star Seal of Approval for our Swimwear, we are over the moon to be a Rising Star. We have a lot of work to do and hopefully in the upcoming years we will have every policy in place to grow our styles and promote better ethical design and manufacturing.  

Project JUST – May 2017 

Nisha AbeyComment