Spotlight on PROJEKT GLITTER // Biodegradable Glitter's and Gels


I, like many girl’s, am obsessed with all things glitter; the shine, gloss and sparkle. It channels your inner mermaid or fairy and makes you feel that little be extra.  

The downside is, (off course) Glitter is the worst for the environment.

Essentially glitter is made up of thousands of teeny, tiny fractals of plastic, traditionally made from non-biodegradable materials like aluminum foil or co polymer plastic. As we know, plastic can take up to 1000 years to decompose when sent to landfills! Glitter pieces are classified as harmful ‘micro-plastic’ that pollute the environment, get into waterways, harm marine life and enter the food chain.

The size of micro-plastics allow even the tiniest organisms to ingest them, then move up through the food chain until the fish and many other marine animals are caught destined for our plates.     

Moving to a sustainable lifestyle where we do not use or buy products containing micro-beads, micro-plastics or single-use plastic - glitter has been (sadly) out of the question for that last few years.

That is until we came across Projekt Glitter, based in Berlin, Germany, there beautiful range of glitters are biodegradable from a natural plant-based film (cellulose).

We had to find out more…

How did Projekt Glitter start out?

  • Founded in 2016, the brand started from my love for festivals, connecting with strangers and creating beautiful moments through glitter! I saw a gap in the market for quality eco-friendly glitter and crafted one simple mission: to make the world a happier, sparklier and more sustainable place.

Can you describe to our readers what makes your Ethical Glitter way better than the unsustainable normal alternatives?

  • The unfortunate reality is that, once disposed of, micro-beads and micro-plastics that make up traditional glitter easily spread through our natural environment (often through water filtration systems), and mostly end up in our oceans and lakes, where they do not break down. Instead it is being consumed by our marine life, which affects not only our aquatic ecosystem, but also ourselves; fish that are caught for human consumption are increasingly beginning to contain plastic particles, which in turn are consumed by us. In essence, this is a zero sum game - using traditional glitter means you are an accomplice in this process whether you like it or not. Our biodegradable glitter is compostable and non-hazardous to the environment, making it a safer, guilt-free alternative to traditional glitter.

What makes it biodegradable and compostable? And why should we care?

  • The core component of biodegradable glitter is Eucalyptus cellulose - a naturally fast growing plant that naturally degrades in regular compost. All ingredients are derived from sustainable sources, does not contain genetically modified materials or materials obtained from genetically modified organisms. This means our biodegradable glitters can be metabolised by micro-organisms which transform the bio-plastic product into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass. In short: Projekt Glitter is now more committed than ever to being good for the body, soul, and planet.

Typically glitter is made from single plastic which is used once, then washed off which is hugely damaging to the environment and ocean. Are your glitters natural and safe for the ocean?

  • Yes, our glitters can be metabolized by oceanic organisms and will fully compost in the ocean.

We love your face gems – are they ethically made and biodegradable too? If not, will they be?

  • Our face gems are not biodegradable, but are large enough so that they won’t slip through the water filtration system into the ocean, in the way micro-plastics do. It is important, however, that the gems are disposed responsibly and there is a big effort right now in the media that is being brought to everyone’s attention, which I think is great! We are always looking into how we can reduce our impact with packaging and material - and our body gems are no exception. It is continuous process!

What are your top festival picks this year to glitter up to?

  • We can’t wait to debut our exclusively biodegradable glitters at Coachella this year! Fusion Festival, which only comes around once every few years, is also back this summer - we’ll definitely be sparkling on those fields! Another summer favourite is Primavera Sound, where we glitter up in the sun and the beach - our favourite!

Can you share the glitter trends and fave colours for 2018?

  • We’re loving the glitter hair trend for 2018. From glitter roots to glitter braids, there’s so much to experiment with! We’re also obsessed with glitter nails and nail art making a big comeback. Especially with summer approaching, we’re big fans of bright pastels and neon colours these days.

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Who are your muses or who do you follow for glitter, colour and fashion coolness?  

  • My friend Kleo (Instagram: kleos_bubble), is a fellow Berlin local and a complete babe. Her colourful outfits, playful style and ever-changing hair is festival fashion all over. Not to mention a bubbly personality to match!

  • Tessla (Instagram: tessla_venus) one half of the Glitter Spies (Instagram: glitterspies) is beautiful inside and out, and one of the pioneers of festival fashion. She often writes guest articles on festival fashion for Fest300 and can be seen flaunting her stuff on the best festival dance floors across California :)

Do you sell worldwide? How can we get our hands on them?

What is new on the horizon for Projekt Glitter?

  • We are looking to make biodegradable glitter more accessible to as many people as possible. This means collaborating with festivals, brands, and your favourite online shops to make getting your hands on Projekt Glitter easier than ever.

What is your motto for 2018?

  • Live life with love, trust, and sparkle dust x

Speaking to Jeen from Projekt Glitter

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