K-Dizzle feat LIAR // Just Dance

'Just Dance'

Spring Summer 2017

This season's LIAR campaign was a collaborative concept working with muse Kyla Blacksmith at That's My Jam in Byron Bay.

Her Hip Hop Dance classes teaches choreography to new tunes and old classics from the likes of Beyonce, Rhianna, Bruno Mars, Pussy Cat Dolls and Janet Jackson to mention a only handful.

I wanted to capture her movement, sass and energy as she confidently choreographed Hip Hop moves around her new studio in Byron Bay to legend pumping from the speakers. 

Styling Kyla's amazing wardrobe of leotards, cargo's, fishnets and baggy shorts with our range of baggy tees, crop tops and bikinis.

See the full campaign below.

Muse : Kyla Blacksmith aka K-Dizzle / Film Photography : Brydie Watson / HMUA : Bloomabeauty / Styling : LIAR / Location : One Studio

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